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S ometimes, the gorgeous heels we were eyeing for so long turn out to be too much for our feet. We hate making shopping mistakes, so we’ve compiled some of the biggest ones that people make when buying shoes. Read through our list and keep them in mind the next time you go shopping for footwear.

Mistake 1 Buying the Wrong Size

Stick to your true size. Sometimes we think shoes that are a size smaller can stretch over time or that we can make slightly loose shoes fit better with pads and what not, but the best buys are the ones that fit your feet perfectly at the time you buy them.

Aside from getting your true size, you also have to keep in mind the shape of your feet and how they would feel in the shoes. If your feet are slightly different in sizes, choose the size that fit the bigger foot. You can pad or add support to the other foot.

If you’re buying shoes that need socks, make sure you keep that in mind as well. If you plan on wearing thick socks with the shoes, you might have to think about adjusting the size just a tad bit so your feet won’t feel so cramped in the shoes.

You can always check the sizing info and other product details to find out the size measurements and if the shoe is available in half-sizes. You can also get an idea of the overall quality of the shoe from any details about the materials. You can also read the reviews of those who bought the same shoes for other info about sizing and quality of the product.

If you’re not sure about your exact size, think about your experience with different shoes. Which style or size has been the best fit or most comfortable for you?

Mistake 2 Not Checking All Parts of the Shoe

Determining the exact size is not enough. You have to check the entire shoe to make sure it’s really the right one for you. Check all parts of the shoe - the laces, straps, buckles, zippers, soles and all other bits and parts of the shoe. Say, you’re thinking about buying sandals with straps that go around the ankle. Make sure the straps are adjustable enough for a comfortable fit. You have to make sure that all parts of the shoe feel right and comfortable on your feet.

Mistake 3 Shopping at the Wrong Time of Day or When You Have an Injured Foot

Our feet tend to swell throughout the day after all the walking and standing around, so it’s best to shop in the afternoon or at night when your feet are at their biggest. It’s also not a good idea to shop for shoes when you have some sort of foot injury because your feet can feel different in the shoes.

Mistake 4 Sacrificing Comfort and Fit over Looks

We’re all guilty of this at some point in our lives. Sometimes we can’t bear to let go of something so pretty even if they don’t fit us perfectly. Just try to remember that if the heels or shoes don’t feel right when you try them on, chances are they won’t feel any better later on. Some stores can help you stretch new shoes, but if you have had them stretched already and they still aren’t a perfect fit, you have to let those shoes go, girl. Walk away.

Mistake 5 Not Investing in Proper Shoe Care Items

It’s also important to get the correct care items for your new shoes. You can look for information about the best way to clean and keep them in great condition. That way, you can get the right items like the proper shoe cleaner for the type of material (leather, suede, patent leather, etc.), shoe brush, polish and the like.

Also, check the return, exchange or remake policies so you’ll know what your options are if the shoe turns out to be not a good fit.

There you have it. Are any of these shoes buying mistakes familiar to you? Have you made any of them in the past? If you have, don’t fret. You’re not the only one. Hopefully, we’ve helped remind you of what to think about the next time you feel like shoe shopping!

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