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What is shoenvious?

Shoenvious is a luxury ladies’ footwear company that allows women to design and order customised and handmade shoes using our online 3D shoe designer.

How are our prices so reasonable?

Traditionally, off the rack luxury shoes are manufactured in huge numbers and then shipped to various retailers. These retailers will increase the price – sometimes by as much as 500% – passing the price onto the customers. Because of our direct-to-consumer model, we are able to eliminate unnecessary markups and redirect traditional retail overhead costs into the quality of our products.

What is the quality of our shoes like?

The attention we pay to the smaller elements of your customised shoe is what will make it the best pair you have ever owned. You can be confident we have gone to great lengths ensure the utmost standard of quality in production. Every step of the way, from leather selection to stitching we place an emphasis on quality control. We appreciate our customers for putting their faith in Shoenvious and want to reward this with the highest quality product we can produce.

What is the difference of a customised pair?

Customised shoes, made from luxurious and high quality materials, are the epitome of subtle luxury. By choosing every detail about your shoe: the leather, the sole, height of the heel, style and the colour of the lining, you create a shoe that is unique to you and your individuality.

Our shoes are individually handmade using a highly impressive and extensive process done with precision and technique. This meticulous attention to detail ultimately defines the appearance and feel of a Shoenvious pair.

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