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W e know that expensive shoes are a luxury not everyone can afford but investing in a good pair is actually a good idea. If you’ve ever had to choose between buying 4 pairs of cheaper shoes vs. one that’s well-constructed, here are some reasons why making an investment in your shoe closet is worth it.

They Are Crafted According to High Standards of Excellence

Handmaking shoes is an art that’s rooted in decades of traditions and demands certain patience for the shoe to be made. A quality shoe can take from 68 to 390 different steps before it is completed and can take up to 3 weeks to make.

Every step of the shoemaking process revolves around a well-built last. A well-made shoe needs to be kept on its last for a minimum of 12 hours. As cheaper shoes are mass produced, each shoe only gets to stay on their last for a shorter period of time.

They Are More Comfortable and Stable

A well-made pair of shoes is a piece of high craftsmanship. And the main difference? You will have greater support and padding, and your feet will feel “hugged” instead of “constricted”.

Higher-priced shoes are built on the foundations of high construction quality and balanced arch support. When the heels of a shoe are well-positioned, the arches allow your feet to support the point where the body’s weight is centered with each step. A bad fit not only looks awkward, it affects the way you walk and carry yourself.

They Use Better Materials

Good leather is indispensable to making a premium shoe. Even the finest manufacturing process is not worth much if the materials being processed are insufficient in quality.

Cheap shoes are usually made from fake leather full of chemicals that won’t allow your feet to breathe. As cheap shoes are mass produced, their leathers are stretched to maximum volume from the beginning, leaving no space for the shoes to adapt to your feet. On the other hand, genuine leather stretch to your foot shape. Actually, the same piece of leather that can make 5 pairs of cheap shoes can only make 2 pairs of high quality footwear.

They Look Good

Let’s face it, expensive and well-constructed shoes look exactly that - they look expensive and well-constructed. Expertly-crafted shoes naturally look polished and elegant, and people notice them. People will definitely notice you, too, as with the right pair of shoes, you’ll be feeling confident and bold to take the world on.

We all know that shoes reflect the person who is wearing it: the shoe model, leather, the color you choose and how you wear it. And if you want perfectly fitting shoes that are up to your tastes and preferences, you should also consider getting them custom-made. What could be better than shoes designed and handmade especially for you? Design yours now

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