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N o pair of shoes could ever be more meaningful than the ones you wear on your wedding day. Yet finding a pair of wide-fit wedding shoes that look great is often tougher than choosing the ideal dress.

Forcing your feet into shoes that don’t fit well isn’t an option. It’s tough enough to wear shoes like that for an hour or two. You don’t want the pain of poorly fitting shoes on the best day of your life.

Does it feel like most shoe companies only cater to brides with the daintiest feet? It’s time to simplify the search for wide bridal shoes.

The Quest For Wide Bridal Shoes

Wearing shoes that fit well is crucial in all parts of life. A good fit protects your feet from injuries and unnecessary pain while ensuring your shoe can last longer. On your wedding day, your shoes can be the element that makes or breaks the event.

Although there are “wide fit” shoes available on the market today, they’re rarely designed for brides. When you’re looking for something sophisticated and luxurious for your wedding day, it often feels as though your options are severely limited if you have wide feet.

Tips For Finding Wide Fit Wedding Shoes

Uncomfortable wedding shoes make it harder for you to stand tall and look your best when you’re saying your vows or posing for wedding photos. The last thing you want to see when you’re flipping through your wedding album is your face wincing as you say, “I do.”

Finding a company that specifically offers wedding shoes for wide feet is crucial to putting your best foot forward on your big day. There are also some other points to consider when shopping around, such as:

  • A wider shoe base: At a glance, you can often tell whether a shoe is suitable for wider feet. If the footwear you’re looking at isn’t listed as “wide fit” compare it to the other shoes in your closet. Does the sole look slimmer than you’re used to? Are there any options to customize the shoe with a wider base? High-quality shoe companies can provide a range of different fits upon request.

  • Quality insoles: Insoles and linings within your wide bridal shoes need to be broad, but comfortable. The correct cushioning around the heel and ball of your foot will help you to balance on the dance floor, and when you’re walking down the aisle. If possible, it may also be worth looking for a removable sole. Removing the insole can give your foot more space of the shoe already feels tight.

  • A comfortable cut: Beautiful bridal shoes come in a range of styles and cuts. If you look at your foot, the widest part is where the big toe meets your foot. If any part of your chosen shoe cuts across this area, it might cause rubbing and discomfort. A full-cut shoe with a front part that’s high enough to avoid pain is a must-have. Strappy sandals are rarely a good choice for women with wide feet.

  • Natural materials: Natural, high-quality materials are always a good pick for wide bridal shoes. Better quality material will ensure that your wedding shoes can last as long as possible, so you can keep them as a memento of your big day. Natural materials also perform a little differently to their synthetic counterparts. Real leather can expand and retract according to the heat, making it more comfortable for your feed. Synthetic materials don’t have the same elasticity, and they can suffer with low breathability too.

  • Straps and support: If you’re choosing a shoe with a T-bar or ankle strap, be sure there’s enough length to cover your foot comfortable. If the front strap doesn’t adjust, then it can pull your foot forward awkwardly, making it harder to walk. Check the strap fits comfortably around your ankle too, with no tugging or tightness.

  • Be sensible with heels: A high heel might look fantastic – but it’s rarely the most comfortable option for a woman with wide feet. When you’re shopping for wide fit wedding shoes, think about the kind of heel you’re comfortable with. How much height can you manage before you start to get blisters? You don’t want to be hobbling on your big day. Smaller heels will also place less pressure on the ball and toes of your foot, reducing the discomfort of a shoe that’s not specifically made for wide feet.

  • Support: Insoles and straps aren’t the only forms of support you can get with a wide-fit shoe. If you have wider feet, check for arch support that can protect your feet when you’re walking. Additional support ensures that you don’t have more sources of discomfort to worry about when you’re enjoying your special day.

15 Of The Best Wide Fit Wedding Shoes

Your wedding day is one of the few days when you shouldn’t have to compromise on how you look and feel. Choosing the right wide bridal shoes will give you the extra support you need to feel your best when you’re meeting your groom-to-be at the front of the aisle.

Check out these tried-and-tested shoes loved around the world by women with wider feet. Most importantly, these are the kind of shoes that you can adjust to suit your needs.

Each beautiful heel listed below is available to customize into 100 colors, so you don’t have to compromise on the perfect look for your big day.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

A stunning pair of satin-soft heels with a pointed toe, these wide bridal shoes offer timeless beauty without any unnecessary pain. The front of the shoe is spacious enough to support any kind of foot. The low heel doesn’t place too much pressure on your feet either.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Romantic and breathtaking, these heels add a little something extra to a classic look. The silken bow at the heel provides a dose of feminine appeal, while the satin material is sure to catch anyone’s eye. A supple leather insole ensures extra comfort.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Bring a twist of glamour to a stunning bridal look with these elegant heels. The toe portion of the shoe provides extra space for those with wider feet, while the glittery heel ensures that you’ll sparkle wherever you walk.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

You’ll instantly fall in love with this classically feminine design. With extra support at the heel and ball of your foot, these shoes will make you feel like you’re walking on cloud nine. The bow front and slightly rounded tip offers a girlish, romantic aesthetic.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Let your bold inner bride shine through with a set of silky-soft heels with extra space for wider feet. The insole is ultra-soft, for extra support when you’re strutting down the aisle. The delightful bow on the front of the shoe is sure to add something special to any look.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Be the ultimate glamourous girl on your special day with a stunning pair of artistic pointed-toe heels. These mid-heel shoes come with a glimmering embellishment on the front to ensure you sparkle when you’re approaching your hubby.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Wide feet shouldn’t stop you from feeling like a movie star. These wide bridal shoes are brimming with bold beauty, great for the girl who wants to leave a lasting impression. The contrasting insole combined with the glistening outer material will force everyone to take notice.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

The ultimate choice for a bohemian chic wedding, these unique shoes bring texture to your outfit. The soft velvet exterior will instantly draw the eye, while the contrasting leather interior cushions and supports your feet.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

When you’re looking for wedding shoes for wide feet, straps on the front of your foot can make the shoe more uncomfortable. A sleek strap on the back, combined with a dainty front toe section is the perfect alternative. This shoe even comes with a bonus bow embellishment for a feminine finish.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Offering bonus support for those with wider feet, this stylish shoe come with a beautiful gem finish on the front to keep you shimmering all through your wedding day. The contrasting insole will grab attention every time you walk, while the chunky heel improves your balance.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

The ultimate kitten heel for the stylish bride, these wide fit wedding shoes combine a dainty silhouette with a small heel to eliminate broader foot problems. There’s plenty of room in the toe for all-day comfort, and a set of sparkling gems to grab attention too.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Stand tall in these sexy but elegant stilettos designed for the bride who knows how to strut in high heels. This classic silhouette will never go out of style and can be worn with everything from a mini dress to a dramatic ball gown


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Another pair of wide beautiful bridal shoes with low heels that make a statement. Who can go wrong this hue? Plus, the elegant embellishment adds a touch of sparkle that will make you feel like the belle of the ball.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

This wide fit 2-inch low heel stiletto keeps versatility and longevity in mind—especially given that your events may still change, move, and morph. This shoe style is both a classic and a statement-maker but can also be worn long after you say, "I do."


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

A kitten heel in a neutral tone is forever timeless and can easily be worn to your rehearsal dinner, ceremony, honeymoon, and beyond. Plus, those pink accents and the back bow show you’ve got both sass and style.

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