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Y our wedding is about you and your other half. It’s a chance for you to celebrate your love for one another and promise your commitment for the years ahead. Yet, it’s surprisingly easy to forget who the main focus of your big day should be.

When you’re drowning in flower consultations, seating charts, and catering plans, you start focusing on what other people might want, and overlook opportunities to make your day about you.

Fortunately, if you can slow down for a moment, there’s plenty of ways to personalize your wedding and make it more specific to your needs. From a custom wedding dress and shoes, to special moments with members of your family, here are some of the ways you can transform your day.

1. Create Custom Wedding Shoes

What better way to add your unique footprint to your wedding than with a pair of shoes that are tailor-made for you?

Finding a pair of generic off-the-shelf shoes for your wedding can be a nightmare. It’s surprisingly difficult to track down a set of heels that actually work with your dress design. Even if you can find a pair of standard shoes that look okay – they’re never going to be perfect.

When you’re looking for an easy and meaningful way to personalize your wedding, shopping for custom wedding shoes should be your first step.

Custom shoes are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and designs to suit your needs. You can choose the perfect color to match your flowers, or have your shoes inscribed with a meaningful phrase or a couple of words. You might even add the new initials of you and your husband to the sole.

A bonus of custom wedding shoes is that it’s easy to hold onto them as a memento after the big day is over.

2. Get Your Furry Friends Involved

For most of us, pets aren’t just companions that brighten up a home. Your pooch or cat is an important member of your family. So, why not get them involved in your wedding?

Why not have a model of your pets added to your cake topper so they have pride of place in the celebrations? Get a couple of paw prints with their names in them added to the sole of your custom wedding shoes.

If you have a particularly well-trained dog, then they could even play a more significant part in the ceremony. There are tons of great animal handlers and trainers out there who can help you out with transforming your pet into a ring bearer or flower girl for the day.

It might take a few trial runs to make sure that everything goes smoothly, but if you can successfully get your furry pal involved, then you’re sure to have a cute and unique ceremony. It’s always more fun to personalize your wedding when you can get the full family involved.

Make sure your pets have somewhere to go after the ceremony is over – they don’t need to be there for the reception. If it’s not suitable to add animals to the guest list, try including them in the form of pet-themed favors, decorations, or even wedding invitations.

3. Make Your Wedding Dress Extra Special

Your wedding dress is one of the most important items of clothing you’ll ever wear. Naturally, any gown that you say “I do” in is going to be special. You can make your garment even more appealing with a few simple updates.

Have your dress customized by adding a piece of lace from your mother’s veil to the inside or having the names of you and your husband sewn into the fabric. You could have a lyric from your first dance song sewn in into the train or even your veil.

Quotes about love hidden within the patterns on your wedding lace can make a huge statement when you’re looking for ways to personalize your wedding. If you’re wearing a dress with long sleeves, you could have the date of your wedding added to one wrist, and the date you first met added to the other.

There are plenty of ways to get creative with wedding dress customizations. Speaking to a professional seamstress could help you to come up with some extra ideas. You don’t have to design your custom wedding dress from scratch. Plenty of pros will be able to add elements to an existing gown for you.

4. Meaningful Processional Music

Do you and your partner have a tune that you often think of as “your song?” Is there a series of tracks that you often listen to when you’re on a romantic date together? Meaningful processional music can really bring something special to your big day.

Start to personalize your wedding music by choosing the song for your first dance, but don’t stop there. There are plenty of other opportunities to let music tell your story.

Change up the song that you plan to walk down the aisle to. The wedding march isn’t your only option – why not choose something that’s more meaningful to you and your partner? If you plan on having music play as your guests file in and out of the room, think about those tunes too.

Could you add some songs that mean something for you and your family into the mix? What about adding the favorite songs of each of your parents, to help them feel more involved in the day?

5. Pay Attention To The Little Details

You don’t have to make big changes when wondering how to make your wedding unique and more meaningful. Little details make a big impact when there’s emotion behind them.

Take a moment to think about any special components you can add to your day. Is there a broach from your grandmother’s wedding that you can add to your dress or include as part of your bouquet.? What if you chose to add the favorite flowers of every woman in your family to your décor?

You can also take inspiration for the hobbies and passions you share with your spouse to be. If you both love spending weekends at the beach, consider making your centerpieces out of shells and glass that you’ve collected from the shore.

If you’re both keen foodies, spend some extra time picking out the perfect menus, with tasters of all your favorite foods. Another great way to personalize your wedding is with a different kind of guest book. What if all your friends signed a surfboard, rather than a book, if you’re avid surfing fans?

6. Change The Ceremony

Think that the only thing you have control over in your wedding ceremony is the vows? Think again. There are plenty of great ways to change up your ceremony. Take a leaf out of the pagan’s book and try a handfasting ceremony where you use string or jewelry to tie your hand together with your husband. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate you binding your lives together.

Another popular option is a sand ceremony, where the bride and groom mix two colors of sand together in a vase. This sand represents two souls becoming one. If you have kids involved in the wedding, let them pour some sand too! Display the vase in your home when the wedding is over.

If you love all things nature, go outside, and plant a tree together as part of the ceremony. It’s a great thing to do for the environment, and it gives you somewhere lovely to visit on each anniversary.

For a fun and personalize your wedding ceremony, why not ask someone close to you and your partner to perform it for you? Most people can get temporarily ordained these days, just make sure that you have all the paperwork in place before the big day arrives. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your best friend standing up there with the two of you, instead of a stranger?

7. Walk Down The Aisle With Your Guy

Walking down the aisle with your father is a common tradition in most weddings. This can be a nice and symbolic event. It’s a chance for your dad to show that he’s blessing your marriage and passing the duty of “man of the family” to someone else for you.

You don’t have to walk down the aisle with your dad if you don’t feel comfortable with that. You can choose your brother, your best friend, or your mother to walk with you instead. Another interesting way to personalize your wedding could be to walk down the aisle with your husband to be.

Sure, this idea goes completely against tradition. Walking to the front of the church or venue with your groom is a great way to symbolize you both walking into your new lives together.

Show the world and the people around you that you only need each other as you step into a new era of your relationship.

8. Switch Up The Menu

Your menu is one of the best ways to personalize your wedding. You get to show off your shared tastes to friends and family, while making sure that you can enjoy a great meal on one of the best days of your life. It’s important to think carefully about what your menu says about you.

The items you choose for your meals and snacks should make sense with your personality. Think about what you and your partner like to eat when you go on date nights. What kind of restaurants do you love most, and is there a theme to the food you prefer?

If you and your spouse are pretty laid-back people, then there’s no need to set up a stuffy sit-down meal. Consider a buffet where people can pick bits of food from a selection of amazing treats instead.

If you and your husband-to-be love a good cheese platter, then you could organize grazing boards to be added to the menu during the cocktail hour, so groups of guests can nibble at chunks of cheese while they’re enjoying your hand-picked wines.

Speaking of drinks, look into signature cocktails as well. There are plenty of great classes out there where you can learn how to create cocktails that speak to you and your spouse’s personalities. You can even give your cocktail a cute name like “Sipping with the Smiths”.

9. Update Your Decorations

Decorating the venue for your big day can be a lot of fun. It’s a chance to showcase your sense of style in an interesting way. Flowers and ribbons are common choices for wedding décor. If you want to personalize your wedding, why not add some unique changes?

You could have a photo wall that shows off all of the incredible things that you and your partner have done together over the years. You could use snaps from your dates, as well as pictures of you both with your loved ones and friends.

You might even decide to share pictures of you and your partner as kids or give pride of place to some pictures of your parents. They probably play a significant part in both of your lives. If you have people that couldn’t make it to your wedding, you could create a “wish you were here” wall just for them.

There are plenty of other great ways to get creative with your décor too. You could have hand-written signs that include beautiful calligraphy, or experiment with neon signage. An adorable sign can really take your wedding to the next level.

10. Do Something New With Cake

The wedding cake is one of the things that most guests (and you and the groom) will be most looking forward to. It’s also one of the best things to experiment with if you want to know how to make your wedding unique and more meaningful.

One of the most obvious ways to shake things up with your cake is to have a custom topper made that’s perfect for you and your partner. You could also experiment with decorations, mixing modern and traditional elements in a cake that’s all about you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Choose flavors that represent your personalities and mix them together in the cake – like strawberry and vanilla, or vanilla and chocolate. Ask someone in your family to bake you a mini cake in your favorite flavors, so you know you’re going to have the taste of home on your big day.

Why not completely throw out the rule books and have a donut wall instead, where people can grab a donut in their favorite flavor whenever they like?

Forget the sweet stuff and have a more savory wedding cake alternative. People are beginning to look at things like cheese cakes made from wheels of cheese that are stacked high – like standard cakes. If you and your spouse don’t love cake much, it doesn’t make sense to get one just because tradition demands it. Do something that’s unique for you.

11. Switch Up The Table Plans

Figuring out where everyone should sit during the meal at your wedding can be a serious headache. But having assigned tables for each person in your party makes it easier to spread people out. Unfortunately, if you have one family member assigned to table “2” and another assigned to table “6” this can cause some unrest among loved ones.

People assume that the closer they are to table 1, the more important they are to you. You can avoid this problem by getting rid of the numbers and identifying your tables in another way. If you and your partner have a favorite album, name each table after one of the songs.

If you have a selection of favorite hobbies that you share, then you could name your tables “skiing”, or “beach days” to represent those. Include a card next to each table that tells the story of its special name, so your guests know why it’s special.

12. Choose Another Kind Of Entertainment

Having music at your wedding isn’t the only way to keep guests entertained. It’s nice to have a band or DJ to play your favorite song – but what else could you do to make this wedding more “you”? If you and your partner met at an art class, could you have a section of the venue set up for painting? Or maybe you could get a sketch artist to draw illustrations of your guests that they can take home.

If you want to let your playful side shine through and appeal to the children in your wedding party, why not have a karaoke stand so that people can serenade you with a selection of romantic songs you choose? You could also experiment with sweet treats by getting a “make your own sundae” bar, or letting people decorate their own cake pops.

This is your opportunity to really let your personality shine through, and make sure you’re doing something you love on your wedding day. You could hire a standup comedian, take part in a magic act with your partner, or have your own firework display. The options are endless.

Personalize Your Wedding to Suit You

There are plenty of great ways to personalize your wedding and make the day unique to you and your partner. As easy as it can be to be swept away by tradition, remember that you have the freedom to choose the wedding celebration that works best for you.

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