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E very mom deserves to feel her best on the day of her son or daughter’s wedding.

You’ve been with your little one through every step of their lives, from the first lost tooth to the first kiss. Now it’s time to watch them walk down the aisle, and you’re eager to do so in style. After all, it’s you that’s going to be on the head table with your son or daughter during the speeches, and you’re going to want plenty of picture-perfect moments with your child for your album too.

From stunning mother of the bride shoes to attractive dresses for the mother of the groom, it’s important to get every detail exactly right. Here are some tips to get you on the right track.

Choose A Dress to Complement Your Body

What kind of dress will make you feel most confident when you’re hitting the dancefloor with your son or daughter? Is there a particular cut that shows off your waistline, or are you thinking of going for something that complements your legs?

The best dress is one that you can feel great in.

Don’t force yourself to buy a dress in a smaller size than you’d like with the hope of losing weight before the big day. This just puts you under more pressure. You can always get your dress altered later if you do manage to shed a few pounds.

Remember to choose what goes under your dress carefully too. A good bra or some well-fitting shapewear gives a handy boost of self-esteem.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Follow your son or daughter’s guidelines if they have requests about the colors, you should be wearing, but don’t be afraid to add your own unique spin. Think outside the box and try on some different looks to determine which one is best for you.

Think about the theme of the wedding and when it’s happening. Softer pastel shades are often more popular for springtime weddings, while darker colors work well in the winter. If you can’t find something you love in-store, consider a custom dress.

There are tons of talented seamstresses out there capable of creating amazing designed based on something like a shawl or shrug you want to wear on the day. You could even create a dress to match your favorite hat.

Keep Your Look Simple

When you’re dressing up for your son or daughter’s wedding, it’s tempting to go extra glam.

You deserve a bit of sparkle on this important day, after all. Just don’t go too far with the accessories. An eye-catching dress with a single piece of statement jewelry will look far more elegant than multiple bracelets, big earrings, and various rings.

Avoid noisy and uncomfortable jewelry that may be distracting when you stand up to give a speech, or you’re applauding for the bride and groom after the ceremony.

Speaking of accessories, don’t assume nylon tights are a great choice. Fashion has come a long way over the years, and bare, moisturized legs are often more stylish than a pair of pantyhose. You can get your toenails done to match your dress if you’re wearing open front shoes.

Going without the tights means you won’t have to worry about accidentally laddering your nylons mid-ceremony too.

Be Practical with Your Purse

A purse is easily one of the most important accessories for the mother of a bride or groom. It can finish your outfit with a statement touch of color or blend in with the rest of your look.

The best purse is small, so you don’t have to worry about lugging it around wherever you go. Choose a purse that’s small enough to be discrete, and large enough to fit essential items, like cash, ID, lipstick, credit cards, and even a handkerchief for those tearful moments. If you’re wearing comfortable shoes for the mother of the bride or groom, you shouldn’t need an extra pair.

It might be worth taking band aids and pain killers for any accidents, though. Your son or daughter might also request that you hold onto their phones for them on the big day, so make sure there’s space for appliances if you need it.

Choose Your Hairstyle Carefully

What kind of hairstyle are you thinking of for the event? Updos look fashionable, but they can make your overall appearance a little harsh. A looser design will give you that warm, approachable look that you want on your child’s wedding day.

If you’re planning on wearing a hat, you could consider talking to your hairdresser in advance about how to wear your hair around it. Half up, half-down hairstyles look great underneath a glamorous clip or fascinator.

If you are wearing a hat, make sure you know how to remove it without ruining your style. There will be points during the day when you might want to let your hair down – particularly at the reception. Keep some extra pins in your purse in case of style disasters.

Experiment With Makeup

Most of the time, brides and grooms won’t have too many rules about makeup for their moms. They’ll want you to feel comfortable and confident, with minimal discomfort. You might want to talk to a makeup artist about getting your look exactly right before the big day.

If you’re confident doing your own makeup, practice before the event for a while to avoid any last-minute problems. It’s also worth thinking about things like manicures and pedicures, if you want to look completely flawless for any photographs.

Things like fake tan can be useful if you’re worried about looking too pale, but it’s best to get this applied professionally. You could also look into a spa day with some skin rejuvenating treatments. Why not invite the other mother in the wedding along for a pampering session?

Always Choose Comfortable Shoes

The wedding of your son or daughter is a huge occasion, and a meaningful moment in your life. You don’t want to spend the whole event in agony.

There are still a lot of mothers out there who believe they need to make the choice between looking great or wearing shoes that feel amazing. The reality is that you can get comfortable shoes for the mother of the bride and groom without compromising on style.

Custom shoes for the mother of the groom will look fantastic with your chosen outfit, and they’ll keep you feeling your best all day.

Need Inspiration? Here Are Our Top Mother of The Bride and Groom Shoes

If you’re not sure where to start with your most important accessory, the mother of the bride or groom shoes, don’t panic. Here are some of the most appealing shoes available right now, combining both beautiful, good looks, and comfort.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Soft, feminine, and romantic, this mother of the bride shoes will go perfectly with a summery or springtime outfit. The soft bow on the back of the heel will draw attention for all the right reasons, without being over the top.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Let your unique personality shine through with these funky color block shoes. Ideal for the mother of the bride or groom, these low block-heel shoes won’t hurt when you’re running around after your son or daughter.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Showcase your glamorous style with a pair of shoes that are both eye-catching and timelessly elegant at the same time. The soft silver color goes with a range of outfits, while the open toe gives you a chance to show off your pedicure.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Simple and elegant, these comfortable shoes for the mother of the bride and groom are ideal for moms who don’t feel great in heels. The shimmering applique on the front of the shoe will add an extra dose of glamour to your look.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Forget old-fashioned outfits and traditional dresses, shake your look up with a pair of ultra-modern and sultry kitten heels. These shoes look amazing with any outfit, thanks to their black and silver finish, and they’re super easy to dance in.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Fun and flirty, these shoes are great if you want to combine a sophisticated look, with a touch of playful color. The block heel is perfect for keeping you comfortable when you’re on the dancefloor, and the cross strap provides extra support.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

The bride isn’t the only lady who gets to feel glamorous on her wedding day. This block heeled shoes will bring your inner diva forward and upgrade your outfit. The silver glitter finish will work well with all kinds of outfit.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Pretty and feminine, these color block shoes are wonderful for highlighting your girlier side. Use the soft pink to add extra color to a pastel-themed outfit. The ankle straps and thick heels will ensure you can dance the night away in confidence.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

These heels are all about glamour. The bright pink finish will ensure you stand out when you hit the dancefloor. Gem applique on the heel immediately draws attention, while the open toe gives you a chance to showcase your pedicure.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Lightweight and comfortable, these barely-there heels will complement any outfit with a touch of extra sparkle. The low heel is ideal for a long day and night of celebration. We love these shoes as the perfect companion to a summery outfit.

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