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D o you want to confidently stride down the street as if you were walking down the runway? Never underestimate the power of a shoe style that meets the standards of your body type. You’ll avoid many blisters along your way, plus gain serious style credits. Wrong shoes have a negative impact on your looks. Right shoes will be a decisive plus.

A perfect pair of shoes should be comfy and figure-flattering. The crucial choice is not only related to how your body looks but also to what your body can do. It depends on your physical condition, your natural posture, the positioning of your feet, and the shape of your toes. Special conditions such as bunions or flat feet should be taken into consideration. Your walk style is also important. Let’s study each case separately and find solutions that flatter you the most, plus those that will help you keep your shoes on, all day and night long!

Top-heavy or Inverted Triangle

If your shoulders are too wide and your legs too slim, then draw the attention downward by wearing boldly-hued flats or better chunky heels. You are the person who can totally rock huge platforms, flatforms, and oversized thick-soled boots. Basic colors such as red, green, magenta, and electric blue will do the trick.


A lady with an accentuated waistline, rich bosom, and generous derrière, is the one who needs to walk on high-heel peep-toes that enhance her naturally feminine frame. In the morning, try the versatile and polished menswear-inspired brogues in neutral hues. Avoid oversized, heavy shoes, as well as stiletto heels that impede your moves.


The body silhouette with the least of curves can feel smoother when accessorized with simple shoes such as loafers, and classic pumps. Almond and round toes will infuse it with femininity. Avoid pointed toes if you are tall, because they will elongate your frame even more. Also feel free to wear the fussiest of sneakers. You are a natural in them. Think of what a tomboy is pleased to wear.


The apple-shaped body is bulkier around the abdominal area with slimmer arms and legs, and probably not that ample a cleavage. In that case, stilettos will do the magic, drawing attention to your legs and distracting your audience from your abs. Shoes with decorated ankle straps, interesting colors, and other eye-catching details are ideal.


Pear-shaped women are bottom-heavy, meaning that you might have wide ankles, and a fuller midriff-to-toe area. To bring some balance to your silhouette avoid the strappy sandals – gladiator, lace-up – and also boots that are too tight and not from stretchy material. Think open-toe wedges, heeled sneakers, and neutral colors.


A tiny frame needs maximum shoe impact that comes from bold colors, sparkly decorations, and generally unforgettable statement shapes. Since you are not tall, you can wear as high heels as possible, plus all the pointed toes that further elongate your frame. Block heels might look too much, yet if sky-high – and under a maxi hem – they can create flattering illusion of a taller body. Stilettos are definitely your thing. If you decide on sneakers, find those with thick soles but elegant shape.

Too Tall

You can definitely be the queen of kitten heels, flat sandals, ballet flats, pool slides, and all the weirdest shapes of immense comfort. Also opt for rounded toes and peep-toes because they make you look cuter and smaller. Avoid platforms and wedges.

Other Considerations

Try on shoes to see which types hide any possible imperfections. Wide feet should not explode from too tight pumps. Women not used to walk in heels, should wear flats, or start to practice their walk in lower heels first. Those who have bunions should stay away from pumps with a narrow toe box as well as from high-heel sandals with slim front strap that exposes the problem and is not able to hold your feet in place. Prioritize your comfort and be conscious of your body. Experiment with different shapes, and if sensitive enough, try mostly soft leather, suede, and the on-trend sock boots with an elastic ankle area.

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