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T he search for comfortable, beautiful shoes for women can be a tiresome one. Us women have a tough tightrope to walk when it comes to buying shoes. We assume we have to choose between comfort and stunning style.

A squishy pair of crocs isn’t going to look great when paired with your little black dress. Ugg boots don’t give you that killer professional look you want for the office. Your super breathable Toms aren’t going to blow anyone away either – but dang – they’re so comfortable.

If you want to look drop-dead gorgeous in a pair of stiletto heels, then you need to put up with the blisters and bruises that come with them. If you want to be cozy, you’ll need to deal with hiding your feet behind your desk whenever someone walks by.

That’s just part of the pain of being a woman – right? Wrong.

Us gals don’t have to suffer to look great. We just need to learn how to choose beautiful and comfortable heels.

What if beautiful shoes didn’t hurt so much? Get ready for some life-changing tips for choosing stylish shoes that won’t cause pain.

Features of Comfortable Shoes: What to Look At

Ladies, there’s more to choosing a sensational pair of shoes than you’d think. Just like the ingredients of a delicious cake, your shoes have various elements that come together to create the perfect combo of beauty and comfort. Here’s what you need to look at in every heel.

The Size

You know you need to buy shoes in your size for them to be comfortable. But do you know what that really means? When purchasing well-made shoes, consider going for a professional fitting. High-quality shoes are much more accurate in their sizing.

Checking to see whether a 5 or 5.5 shoe is right for you before you start buying will save you from a few blisters. Ensure you have enough space in the right places too. The toe-box area of your shoe needs to be wide enough to accommodate the widest part of your foot without rubbing.

The side-to-side fit of the shoe is just as important as the heel to toe. Pick something that’s too wide and your foot’s going to be sliding around. Choose something too tight and the rubbing will eventually lead to blisters.

If you’re trying shoes on to get an idea of size, don’t do it first thing in the morning. Your foot naturally swells through the day as you’re rushing around the office or chasing after the kids. Checking the shoe later in the day will ensure it’s not too tight.

Construction And Stability

Shoes come in a variety of shapes and sizes – that’s why we need a closet full.

When hunting down beautiful and comfortable heels, check the construction of the shoe. Does the stiletto heel sit directly under the center of your heel? Is it angled as part of the style? If the heel is too far towards the back of the shoe, that’ll throw off your balance. Cushioning makes a huge difference to well-made shoes too. You can check how much cushioning you’re going to get by pressing your finger into the ball area. The shoe should feel flexible and cozy.

You’ll notice that well-made heels are also more balanced than their counterparts. Sit a shoe on top of a table and see if the heel and sole are totally flat with the surface. In designer heels, that balance is common. In cheaper heels, there’s often some inconsistency.

Feel the material of the shoe and consider its rigidity. If your foot is high and arched, then you’ll need a more flexible, cushioned shoe. If your foot is wide and flat, then your shoes need less arch support.

Stack heels with a broad base will absorb shock a lot better if you find yourself running around a lot. The broader the base, the steadier you’ll feel too.

Shape And Style

A pointy toe on your heels is great for conveying power and a kick-ass attitude. It also means that your toes are probably going to be more squished together. If you’ve got broad and flat feet, pointed toes don’t make sense for you.

Round-toe shoes are much better when you’re searching for beautiful and comfortable heels. They follow the shape of your foot naturally and allow your toes to move as you walk.

When checking the shape of the shoe, remember to check arch support too. A high curve is ideal if you’ve got high arches – but it won’t be comfortable for flatter feet.

Backless shoes might be great for preventing blisters on your heels – but they’re murder on the balls of your feet. With nothing to keep your foot from sliding around, you’ll constantly be bashing your toes into the material at the front of the shoe.

When your feet are constantly sliding around in your shoe, you’re more likely to get injuries – and your shoes won’t last as long. Look for a shoe that offers plenty of support throughout your entire foot. A strap just below the ankle (not over it) will hold your foot in place without strangling it.


Material makes a world of difference to shoe comfort. Synthetics scrape against your delicate skin, causing damage over time. Luxurious materials like suede, leather, or soft fabric will cushion and support your foot more effectively. These materials are also great at breathing.

A breathable shoe will save you from embarrassing smells after a long day (it happens to us all). Breathability also reduces the discomfort on your skin, reducing the chance of blisters.

Be mindful of the materials on the soles of the shoe too. Leather and rubber soles absorb shock brilliantly, so you don’t end up with aching toes. Leather and suede insoles are also super pliable. They’re great for preventing blistering and chafing, and they mold perfectly to your feet.

If your beautiful and comfortable heels feature a set of straps, make sure they’re lined with something comfy. Leather is a great choice, as is suede, or even silk lining.

Cheap shoes might save you a few bucks, but they’re often made from cheap, plastic material that’s rough against your foot. Unlike luxury materials – those cheaper options aren’t built to last either.

Comfortable Shoes Stylists Swear By

Some shoes are naturally more comfortable than others. Sky-high heels make you look and feel amazing – but they also put your foot under extra pressure. That’s going to be uncomfortable for anyone after a while.

If you’re serious about sticking with beautiful and comfortable heels, here are the comfiest types of shoes you can start to look at.

Flat Shoes

Us ladies love our heels – they make us feel like a million bucks and do awesome things for posture – but they’re not always made for comfort. Every woman needs a fab pair of adorable flats in her collection for when she wants to look chic and stay cozy.

Flat shoes hold the foot comfortably without placing unnecessary pressure on the toes, heel, or ball. You can still end up with blisters wearing flat shoes – but if you stick to high-quality well-made shoes, then you should be safe.

Make sure that your shoe is flexible enough to support the shape of your foot and look for a slight elevation to help with your posture. An inch or so should be fine.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Wedge Heels

Wedge heels are some of the comfiest shoes you can get. When looking for tips for choosing stylish shoes that won’t cause pain, a good rule of thumb is the thicker the heel, the comfier the shoe. Wedges are awesome because they don’t direct all of your weight onto one tiny point.

Like flat shoes, wedges evenly distribute your weight from heel to toe, reducing your risk of scrapes and blisters. A lower wedge will be more comfortable than a higher one – so keep heel height in mind again here.

Remember to consider the shape of the wedge too. If it’s tapered, or has cut out sections, then it might not offer the same brilliant weight distribution. Stick with flirty wedges that provide the perfect blend of chunky support and style.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Low Heels

You don’t have to give up on heels entirely when you’re looking for comfort. Your foot isn’t entirely flat, so a little bit of heel does great things for your posture and protect your feet too. Low heels give you a fantastic confidence boost, without throwing your balance off too much with uneven weight distribution.

When choosing a low heel, make sure that there are plenty of extra features to support your foot, like a sling-back strap that holds your foot in place. A soft cushion at the ball of the foot is also particularly valuable in low-heel shoes.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Chunky Heels

Don’t love wedges? No problem. Chunky heels give you a more even weight distribution, so there’s less pressure on the ball and heel of your foot. They also ensure that you’re not constantly working to correct your balance as you walk.

If you’ve ever had to sit in a pair of stiletto pumps for an hour at a presentation or event, you’ll know how much of a game-changer the block heel really is. Let’s face it – chunky shoes look super cute too. Paired with a skirt or a retro dress – they can give you some serious romantic vibes.

Stick to well-made shoes to prevent the heel from wearing down too quickly.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Platform Shoes

If your favorite things about wearing heels are the extra height and the posture boost, platforms could be a great choice for you.

A pair of beautiful and comfortable heels in the platform style give you the extra height you love, without putting extra pressure anywhere on your foot. They’re basically a pair of flat shoes with extra chunk on the bottom.

Platform heels are super trendy right now – and they go with a wide range of different outfits – whether you’re planning for a festival or heading to work. The weight of the shoe is the most important consideration with platforms. The heavier they are, the more exhausted you’ll feel by the end of the day.

Stick with naturally lightweight materials.


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials


Customizable in hundreds of colors and materials

Extra Tips for Choosing Stylish Shoes That Won’t Cause Pain

Your feet are like snowflakes. No matter how similar they seem to other people’s feet – everyone has a slightly different shape and build to think about. Some ladies have flatter feet that need more balanced support from heel to toe. Other women have higher arches that ache without the right support.

Investing in a pair of beautiful and comfortable heels means you can get the most out of your footwear – and your poor aching feet. Here are some extra quick tips to help you pick the ideal well-made shoes.

Choose Lightweight Materials

Since you spend a lot of time on your feet, you don’t want them weighing you down all day. Wedges and platform shoes are great for making heels more comfortable, but they can also be a little heavy if you’re not careful about the materials you choose. When picking a shoe, check the materials to ensure that there isn’t too much plastic to weigh your foot down – this is a common problem with cheaper shoes.

Lift the shoe and balance it on the palm of your hand to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed from the front to the back. If you’re trying your new heels on in-person, take a walk around and pay attention to whether they’re dragging you down when you take a step.

Prioritize Durability

When it comes to buying beautiful and comfortable heels, you still need to look for something that’s going to stand the test of time. Durability is an essential quality in your shoes for a few reasons. First of all, it means your favorite heels will last longer – hooray!

Second, durable shoes are comfier, because when material starts to wear away, it can start to rub and scrape against your skin a lot more. If the cushion in your sole wears away too fast, you won’t have the same balance of comfort that you had when your shoes were new.

If the cozy lining on your heel straps starts to split, you’re left with the less comfortable material underneath rubbing on your skin.

Look For Breathability

We mentioned the importance of breathability above when talking about choosing the right materials for your footwear. A breathable show stops your foot from swelling and sweating – two things that frequently lead to blisters.

Proper ventilation also ensures that air can circulate around your feet so that you don’t feel so overwhelmed and warm when you’re running around at the office.

Another bonus? Breathable shoes stop the materials from absorbing too much moisture from your foot, which means that your shoes don’t smell as much over time.

For Extra Comfort, Choose Custom Shoes

If you really want to get the best beautiful and comfortable heels on the market – have them made especially for you. While custom shoes are often a little pricier than the ones that you can buy off the rack – they also offer a level of craftsmanship that makes a world of difference to how they feel on your feet for that major business event, a personal celebration, or a night out in town.

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