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T here are times when you just can’t think of the perfect thing to get that special someone, especially if that someone already seems to have everything they could possibly want. If you’re at a loss for gift ideas and can’t seem to think of anything outside the box, you can simply ditch the box altogether and give your loved one an incredible experience that they won’t ever forget.

Below are twelve of our favorite ideas to get you started. From amazing spa experiences and culinary adventures to staying in a hotel made of ice or sailing across Antarctica, these unforgettable experiences will surely trump any trinket and the fond memories of having lived these experiences will definitely last a long time.

The experience of designing her dream shoes

Imagine the look on her face when she realizes she gets to create the shoe of her dreams. Give her a Shoenvious gift card and let her design her dream shoe in just a few simple steps. She will definitely appreciate the thoughtfulness and the freedom to choose the style, colors and materials of her dream shoe. And of course, her signature shoes will be expertly handcrafted to her exact design and delivered right to her door.

A luxurious spa experience

Everyone could use a little relaxation and rejuvenation - why not give your special someone a one of a kind spa and wellness retreat? Get on Spafinder and book them the ultimate spa and wellness experience located nearest you or in an exciting destination like Las Vegas, Greater Palm Springs or even Phuket and Bali. If you don’t know which retreat experience to get them, simply buy a gift card so that your gift recipient can choose for themselves.

A cooking MasterClass with Chef Thomas Keller

Help your special someone become a master in the kitchen by giving them a cooking class with none other than Michelin-starred Chef Thomas Keller. The award-winning chef and founder of The French Laundry and Per Se partnered with MasterClass to give aspiring masterchefs 36 online lessons covering the fundamental techniques in cooking. The lessons can be taken anywhere and anytime so your gift recipient can learn from the best on their own terms.

A personalized wine blend

Whether your beloved is a wine lover or not, he or she will be ecstatic for a chance to create his or her own blend of wine with help from Blendtique Wine Co. Set up your own special wine blending event where a certified sommelier can lead you through discussions about wine, wine pairing, tasting and blending, or get one of Blendtique’s custom wine blending kits so you can share the experience of creating your own wine blend in a more private setting. Either way you end up not only with a stimulating experience but also a unique and personalized wine blend.

A signature or bespoke perfume

Scent is one is one of the most powerful elements in one’s memories, so what’s a better way of creating a powerful memory than creating your own signature scent? Take that special someone to Parisian perfume house Ex Nihilo in London or Paris for the exclusive experience of creating their own bespoke perfume. The experience starts with a smell test of several luxury base fragrances and is then followed by choosing the one essence - be it vanilla, orange blossoms or sandalwood - that will make it the ‘perfect’ scent. The Ex Nihilo staff then blends the scents together in a high-precision machine they call the Osmologue before weighing, filtering and bottling the new signature perfume by hand.

A chakra-aligning retreat at a luxury destination spa in the Himalayas

If an unforgettable world-class wellness experience for your loved one is what you’re going for, then one of the amazing programs at Ananda Spa is your choice. Dubbed the “World’s Best Spa” by Conde Nast Traveller, Ananda Spa is an award-winning luxury destination spa resort located in the Himalayas, India and it offers 5, 7, 14 and 21 day retreats. Ananda integrates yoga, ayurveda and vedanta into their holistic programs that are designed to restore and harmonize the mind, body and spirit.

A marvelously cool stay in the IceHotel

Not all hotels are made equal and this definitely rings true when it comes to the exceptional IceHotel, which offers extraordinary rooms that are literally made of ice. Located in the village of Jukkasjärvi in Sweden, the IceHotel is both a hotel and an art exhibit. Each year, around 40 selected artists from around the world come to Jukkasjärvi to create their own unique versions of a hotel suite built out of ice and snow. An overnight stay in one of these art suites will definitely go down as one of the most unforgettable experiences in one’s life. Also, the IceHotel offers warm cabins or hotel rooms as well as wilderness excursions, so you can be sure that your whole trip will be one for the books.

A delectable culinary vacation

Partaking of delicious local cuisine is a given during vacations, but what if the whole point of the vacation is to have a spectacular culinary experience? Find the perfect culinary vacation on The International Kitchen and give your loved one the gift of a soulful and satisfying experience. The International Kitchen features various types of cooking vacations in different parts of Europe, Asia, South America and the USA. It also features one-day cooking classes for those who cannot take off for a full culinary vacation.

A breath-taking balloon expedition over Mount Everest

If you’re looking for the adventure experience to trump all other adventure experiences, this is it. Veteran pilot Christ Dewhirst and his team are taking a small group of people in an expedition to soar over Mount Everest and the Himalayas in a hot air balloon. Dewhirst and his team were the first people to do this and they’re doing it again and offering the opportunity to a few people. It involves a strict selection process and a month of physical and skills training, but if you think your gift recipient is up for it, then go for it!

A trip to Antarctica across the Drake Passage

Here’s another experience gift that’s perfect for someone who loves adventure! A trip to Antarctica over the Drake Passage may or may not be on your gift recipient’s bucket list, but it’s a destination worth checking out. The Drake Passage is where the Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern seas meet so it’s notorious for its choppy waters, but crossing over it is considered a “rite of passage” if you want to make it to Antarctica. Sailing over the Passage may be a “wild ride” but sightings of the beautiful wildlife as well as the bond you’ll form with fellow travelers will surely make the trip memorable. A quick google search will get you different expedition cruises that leave from South America, New Zealand and Australia.

A beautiful custom lipstick and palette set

If your special someone is a true beauty lover, then allowing them to create their own custom makeup using a gift card from Finding Ferdinand could be your best bet at the perfect gift. Finding Ferdinand allows its customers to create their own lipstick color and palette of blushes, eyeshadows, highlighters and bronzers. A gift card lets your special gal choose her own colors and shades to create her own unique look, and she’ll love you for it!

A look into their DNA

It’s unconventional, but a DNA kit from 23andMe is a cool and meaningful gift that your special someone won’t most likely forget. After all, finding out what your DNA says about yourself and where you come from can be pretty extraordinary and important. Get them a kit, go through the journey with them and create memories that will last you a lifetime.

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