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S omething old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue… It’s a fun way to honor customs and creatively blend the past, present and future, but it’s also a list of extra things to worry about for a bride.

If you’re planning on following tradition for your wedding day, it can be tough to add four additional factors to your to-do list when shopping for essential items and accessories.

If you need a bit of direction, here are a few ideas for “somethings” that will work for you.

Choosing “Something Old”

Something old offers a chance to honor your family heritage. This can refer to anything that you’ve had for a while. Your mother’s pearl earrings that she wore for her wedding could be a great option. You could also wear the bracelet you wore on your first date with your new hubby.

You don’t need to stick with the family heirloom if you can’t find anything relevant. Old doesn’t have to mean ancient.

  • Something belonging to your mother or grandma: Try a locket, a pair of earrings, even a few of your grandmother’s pearls sewn onto your gown.
  • A memory: Get a picture of some older family members who couldn’t make it to your wedding and put it into a locket.
  • A poem: Take a poem that you’ve always loved and incorporate it into your wedding vows.
  • An old swatch of fabric: Take some lace from your mom’s veil and add it to your dress or bouquet.
  • A lucky charm: Anything that you or your family consider lucky works here. Just make sure it’s small enough to fit.
  • A vintage car: Have an antique car pick you up and take you to the venue.
  • Wedding venue: Is your wedding venue an old or traditional space? That could count as your something “old.”

Choosing “Something New”

Choosing something new to add to your wedding day is the easiest part! Generally, this can be a gift from the groom or one of the bride’s family members and can reflect your future shared life together.

  • Jewelry: A statement necklace, or a pair of earrings for your outfit.
  • Accessories: Do you have a comb or pin for your hair? Maybe a tiara?
  • Fresh lipstick: A fresh lipstick in your favorite shade can be an affordable way to add something “new” to your look.
  • Perfume: Spritz on a new scent. This is a great way to remind yourself of your wedding day every time you smell the aroma.
  • Your new name: Add “Mrs Surname” with your new name to something in your outfit. You can embroider it onto your dress, or even have it on the sole of your shoes.
  • Lingerie: New lingerie for the night after the wedding can be a fun treat in the “new” department.
  • Custom jacket: Keep yourself warm when you’re outside with a monogrammed jacket that features your new last name.
  • Cufflinks: Share your something old, new, borrowed, and blue with your hubby and ask him to wear a new set of cufflinks.

Choosing “Something Borrowed”

This symbolizes the community surrounding the bride and probably the easiest to plan. You can ask anyone in your family or friends to give you something that you can take into your wedding with you. A borrowed sixpence from your grandmother is an excellent option if you want to finish off the traditional rhyme.

  • A cake recipe or meal: Borrow a family recipe from your loved ones and add it into the menu for your big day.
  • The veil: Borrow your veil from your mother, or from your best friend. This is a great way to honor someone you love.
  • Your handbag or clutch: Borrow a handbag from a friend or relative so you have somewhere to keep your must-have items when you’re heading down the aisle.
  • Jewelry: Ask your mother to borrow her iconic earrings or add your grandmother’s broach to your bouquet.
  • A cocktail: Borrow a signature cocktail from someone you love, or a bar you love going to with your spouse.
  • A book: If you’re having readings for your wedding, borrow a book that you can give to the pastor.
  • Cake knives: Grab your cake knives from someone who already get married. You can even borrow the venue’s own knives.
  • Hair accessories: A pin or a tiara can be a great “borrowed” item if you know someone with the perfect piece.
  • Robe: Borrow a robe from a loved one for the moment before you slip into your dress for the big day.
  • A tie: Borrow a tie from your dad and give it to your hubby for the big day or incorporate it into your outfit in some way.

Choosing “Something Blue”

Blue symbolizes fidelity and purity. And because a wedding also symbolizes walking into a future together, brides have been treating themselves to a custom pair of blue wedding shoes as a creative way to weave a little blue hue into the wedding. For brides who opt to wear a traditional white bridal shoe, they have opted for a blue shoe interior which is a very cunning way of adding something blue to their outfit.

Even a little blue in your makeup when you’re choosing eye shadows or blue flowers in your bouquet would work well.

  • Your shoes: When it comes to rounding out your list of "somethings," choosing blue bridal shoes is a move that's just as traditional as it is outside the box. Your blue shoes will have a far longer lifespan in your wardrobe: for rehearsal dinner, after-party, welcome event, down the aisle and beyond.
  • Your garter: This is the most popular choice for something blue. Make sure it’s pale enough that it doesn’t show under your dress.
  • Your jewelry: Jewelry with sapphires or blue gems will spruce up your look.
  • Your menu: Add a custom blue drink to the wedding menu, or edible flowers to the dessert
  • Your cake: Implement blue icing or other blue decorations into the wedding cake
  • The wedding photos: Find a blue backdrop or some blue flowers for your wedding photos.
  • The ring pillow: The ring pillow could feature a blue ribbon to hold the rings.
  • A bag or clutch: Make sure it fits with the rest of your wedding attire
  • Your manicure: Use blue nail polish to finish off your aesthetic for the big day
  • A pin: You and your hubby could wear matching pins in a stunning shade of blue

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