Rose Hajas and Will Nicholson

Will and I met on tinder! I would have never expected and never even planned to meet someone off of a dating app, but we met and have been by each other’s side ever since. We’ve been together for almost 5 years.

The Proposal

I work as a dance teacher, and Will had my boss and some coworkers in on his plan. My boss told me that we were invited to an awards gala and wanted me and a few other teachers to attend. It was fancy so we had to dress up and promptly meet at the studio before heading to the event. When I got to the dance studio in my brand new dress, there was a candlelit pathway leading into one of the studios and Will waiting at the end. I all but ran towards him. “Our song” was playing as I walked in to the studio. It was so well thought out, seemingly simple, but so perfect!

The Wedding Venue

A couple of years ago we drove past Niagara-on-the-Lake and were awestruck by its beauty. When we finally got engaged we didn’t even consider or look at any other venues, we knew that we wanted to get married at The Hare and would make any date work. The Hare Wine Co. fits our style so much, it’s rustic, vintage, and warm. It was perfect for an intimate wedding.

The Wedding Dress

I didn’t want to go to too many dress shops and stress myself out with opinions and second guessing. I went to one dress shop and decided that I would be able to find the perfect dress that day. I initially had it in mind that I wanted a long sleeve, all-lace dress, which is the opposite of what I ended up with! I tried on around 20 dresses, most of which were fairly similar to each other. When I tried on my dress, I could picture myself walking down the aisle and could visualize Will’s reaction when he saw me in that dress. Stepping into my dress on my wedding day made everything feel so real. I felt so confident, beautiful, and like myself.

The Wedding Shoes

I had so much difficulty finding shoes! I knew I wanted a blue shoe with some sort of crystals or bling on it. Coming across Shoenvious made me feel like I could tie my look together exactly how I wanted.

I wanted the mint blue, for my “something blue” and also for a little flair of colour! Designing the shoes was so fun and fairly easy to create my look, and I loved how I could personalize it to however I wanted.

The shoes were so beautiful when they arrived! I was so surprised at how comfortable they were. I lasted pretty much my entire wedding day in them! I’m torn between wanting to put them on display and only wear them the one time, or let myself bring them out once in a blue moon!

The Wedding Shoe Inscription

On the sole of my shoe I got “Not With Haste” inscripted. It is one of mine and Will’s favourite songs, which he also had monogramed on the inside of his suit jacket. It’s also the song I walked down the aisle to!

The Big Day

I woke up at 6am and felt like a kid waking up on Christmas morning. I was so excited I just wanted to be finished getting ready and be at the venue already. I was expecting the morning to be so stressful but it was the most relaxed I had felt during the entire wedding planning process! Once we were all finished with our hair and makeup we packed our things and then headed to the venue to finish getting ready at the bridal suite there. Before I knew it, it was time to walk down the aisle.

As I was just about to walk down the aisle, there was so much buildup of anticipation and emotions, you just know that this is the biggest day of your life! Our nephews and niece led the way and my dad walked me down, but all I could see was Will.

Every moment of the day seemed so significant. Standing with Will at the altar and our family and friends being there for us and our love, was an incredible feeling. I felt so in the moment and that it was just about us.

Following our dinner in the barrel cellar we went back out to the courtyard for our first dance, the weather had been tempting to rain all day, and during our first dance it rained ever so lightly as we danced outside, it couldn’t have been more picture perfect. The wedding ended with us dancing and snacking on donuts with our closest friends and family, I would not change a thing.

Wedding Photography

I found our wedding photographer through Instagram. I knew what style of photography I wanted but was having trouble finding a photographer that fit our budget. I magically came upon Magen and fell in love with her style! When we met, Will and I both really liked her and felt like she would be fun to work with and capture us as we are. Prior to the wedding, Magen wanted us to compile a list of shots we wanted taken, of family, friends, wedding party, etc. as well as any inspiration for photos we wanted. I also just wanted Magen and Alexis to direct us and have as much creative freedom as they wanted! I trusted them and knew they would have beautiful photos for us.

Planning the Wedding

The most fun part of wedding planning was interacting with the vendors, cake tasting, meeting our florist, going to our caterer’s restaurant – those all made the wedding planning so real.

The least fun was dealing with opinions of family members, and of course having to plan during a pandemic. Covid put a lot of strain on the wedding planning. There was a point where I didn’t know we’d be able to have our wedding as originally planned. So we had two back up plans. I became obsessed with watching the news and keeping up to date with new protocols, rules, and procedures from the government. We were lucky because we had always planned a smaller wedding. By some luck, we were able to follow through with our wedding as originally planned. No back up plans needed! We were courteous with having complimentary hand sanitizers for our guests, masks, and reminders of social distancing.

Tips for Brides

I think it’s imperative for a bride to have some sort of agenda or organizer, to keep all the details in one place. Save all of your contracts, and write down important notes from phone conversations with vendors! I felt really organized and more at ease when I had meetings with vendors because I knew what was going on and could coordinate things easier. Also, don’t be afraid to say no to family or vendors, if they’re getting the way and stressing you out. It’s your day and you’re the only one who knows what you want!

Bride’s Favorite Moments

This is one my favourite photos as Will and I care so much about our nieces and nephews! We always knew we wanted them as a big part of our day and were so lucky to have them. They were all so excited for the wedding!

I love how this picture captures our real joy! My cheeks hurt so much from smiling so much during the ceremony.

I love how they captured Will exactly as how I was seeing him during the ceremony! I felt so many emotions during the ceremony, and that same feeling comes back with this photo.




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