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T here’s nothing quite like flipping through a catalogue of new dresses and wedding themes when you’re planning your own big day. Every year seems to come with an array of new ideas to inspire and intrigue us, from rustic-looking cakes with edible flowers, to glittery veils and paper flowers.

Your wedding is your chance to celebrate everything that makes you and your partner special. Checking out the latest trends is a great way to cultivate some ideas on how to let your unique personality shine through.

So what’s hot in the world of weddings right now? Here are some creative ideas for your wedding, taken from the latest trends in 2021.

1. Get Personal

Who wants their wedding to be just like everyone else’s? Your big day should be one of a kind – and so should all of the little details that really make it stand out.

If you’re looking for wedding trends to inspire your wedding planning, personal touches are a great place to start. They’re all about adding unique elements of yourself to your big day. You can decide to get an inscription on the soles of your bridal shoes with your new name and the date of your wedding.

Get a quote from your favorite story or song sewn into your gown or veil as a nod to something you and your partner both love. Even subtle details make a huge difference.

2. Show Your True Colors

White might be the traditional color for weddings, but it’s not your only choice. Brides are becoming increasingly daring with their shades, experimenting with reds, purples, pinks, and more.

If you’re nervous about the idea of going completely colorful with your look, try adding elements of color instead. Bright and bold shoes underneath a creamy white wedding dress will look phenomenal as you walk down the aisle. Colorful flowers sewn into your veil, or some soft shades woven into your train can transform your whole look.

Invite other people to show their colors too. Have mis-matched bridesmaids dresses in all the colors of the rainbow or ask your groomsmen to wear different colored ties.

3. Forget the Flowers

Flowers are a lovely addition to a wedding in most circles, but they’re also a little outdated. Swap the flowers on your tables with succulents and vines for a more rustic look or combine flowers with feathers for a glamorous bouquet.

If you want more creative ideas for your wedding that are good for the environment, switch real flowers for paper ones made out of recycled materials. You can even get pages from your favorite books or prints of song lyrics turned into flowers these days.

For a really unique look, rethink what a bouquet can be with everything from candy, to donuts, cupcakes, and balloons.

4. Have the Party Later

An exciting new wedding trend arriving through 2020 and 2021 is all about timing. Rather than having your ceremony followed directly by a party, have the wedding with the nearest and dearest in your life, then book a party at a more convenient date.

Booking the reception and the ceremony at different times means you can plan the ultimate celebration, without any restrictions like poor weather to worry about. You might even decide to extend your wedding celebrations over the course of a full week or weekend.

Have the ceremony on the Friday, then spend an entire long-weekend with friends and relatives soaking up the sun on a beach somewhere before you start your honeymoon.

5. Be More Eco-Friendly

As new generations grow up and get engaged, they’re increasingly aware of the impact we’re all having on our environment. That’s why eco-friendliness is becoming a crucial trend in the wedding landscape. Wedding venues are becoming greener and more sustainable, with more people choosing locally-sourced catering for their wedding food.

Upcycling old mis-matched chairs, rather than making new ones for a wedding is a great way to cut costs and get a vintage, quirky theme going. You can share décor with other couples using the same venue as you and recycle decorations that you already have at home.

Sustainability also means appreciating the value of the things you have. Why not get a pair of custom bridal shoes that you can wear for every anniversary after your big day, rather than just putting them in a cupboard when the day is over?

6. Choose Treats Over Cake

When it comes to wedding trends to inspire your wedding planning, there are tons of ideas that focus on the food. From wedding-day picnics to open fires where you can roast marshmallows and make smores during the reception, there’s something for everyone these days.

The most appealing way to transform your wedding food is to start with the cake. Forget the big over-the-top cake that most people won’t bother to eat anyway. Instead, try hand-made donuts or macarons that your guests can nibble on throughout the night.

Make miniature cupcakes with the names of each guest on, and they can double up as wedding favors to save you a little cash. If you’re going for a quirky wedding, then you could even have a sweet stand, cotton candy vendor, or ice-cream sundae bar.

7. Do a Last Dance

We all know about the first dance you have as husband and wife, but what about the last sway of your wedding day? More couples are embracing the idea of a last dance, where they kick their guests out of the venue at the end of the evening, and dance alone together with the lights turned down low.

You can have a special song for this dance, just as you did for your first as husband and wife. If the band has gone home by that point – don’t worry, your venue will help you with the PA system for this final moment.

A last dance is an excellent way to celebrate the fact that when all of your guests are gone and the partying dies down, you’re both still left with the most important thing, each other.

If you want to get more of your family involved, invite your parents to come and share the dance floor with you for a moment before you have your final dance of the day.

8. Have it Your Way

Wedding traditions are great, but not when they feel restrictive. The most appealing wedding trend to consider this year is to have it your way. In other words, forget the rules that other people impose on your wedding and change things to suit you.

If you don’t want to have anyone at your wedding reception other than a couple of witnesses, that’s fine. If you’d rather wear a suit than a dress – go for it. You might even decide to bring some traditions from other parts of the world into your wedding, so it feels more exotic, like having henna tattooed onto your hands for the day.

Today’s brave brides are leading the way to a future where weddings have no limits, so give yourself the freedom to think outside of the box.

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