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I n the last decade we’ve seen weddings go way beyond the traditional church or courthouse affair and it’s been glorious. Couples are now more personal and bold in how they want to celebrate their weddings and that usually means adding essential details that mean something to them to make their celebration more special and meaningful. Because of that we’ve seen fun and cool wedding ideas come to life and become popular. Among these are unique wedding shoe inscriptions, cute hashtags, dazzling photo walls, signature drinks, and so much more.

From environmentally-friendly weddings to weddings imbued with mysticism, here are some of the wedding trends that we’ll most likely see everywhere in 2020.

Sustainable weddings

There’s now a deliberate effort everywhere to be more eco-friendly in everything, including weddings. More couples, wedding planners and vendors are being more mindful of the environment and are finding ways to reduce the use of plastics and reduce their carbon footprint overall. They’re taking simple steps such as using paper or bamboo straws, opting for real petals instead of paper or plastic confetti, choosing locally-grown flowers or foraged flowers, opting for living plants as decors or as wedding favors, using upcycled materials or stuff that can be reused, and hiring caterers that source their ingredients locally and ethically. This movement towards sustainability is likely to continue as more people commit to a zero waste lifestyle.

Multiple wedding looks

Brides want to show off their personality and sense of style, so expect more of them to wear different dresses and even shoes on their big day. More brides are liking the idea of multiple outfit changes. Usually it’s just two looks — one for the ceremony and one for the reception — but it could be more. Maybe a surprise number during the reception will see the bride changing into a third look or an after party will call for a cute party dress and dancing shoes.

Non-traditional wedding dresses

Brides opting for a look that does not necessarily scream “bridal” is something that will likely go on for years to come. Brides are becoming more creative and adventurous, so we can expect more non-bridal looking gowns — maybe more florals or prints, more bold colors instead of the usual white and off-white, maybe more pantsuits, and even separates as well.

Mix and match bridesmaid dresses

Brides have been veering away from the one-style-for-all “uniform” bridesmaid dresses. Mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses are on the rise and we will likely see more of this. More brides are letting their bridesmaids choose the styles that they like. Some are even going for different colors and textures, resulting in gorgeous bridal party photos and bridesmaids who are happy with what they’re wearing.

Bold and creative grooms wear

The grooms are not letting themselves get left behind when it comes to their wedding day looks. Grooms are also getting more bold and creative with their suits and going for colored suits and even patterns, prints and florals. They are also capping off their look with spiffy statement shoes. Outfit changes for the groom are also becoming a thing. It can be as simple as switching jackets for the reception, though we won’t be surprised if more grooms will also do complete outfit changes along with their brides.

Custom embroidery and inscriptions

In 2019, model Hailey Baldwin wore a statement veil with the inscription “Til Death Do Us Part” at her wedding. The year before that, fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni wowed with a dress that was embroidered with meaningful details, which included lyrics from her husband’s song and a lion to symbolize their son. The idea of custom embroidery and inscriptions is certainly not new, but it’s becoming more popular as couples become more creative in personalizing their big day. We expect to see favorite lyrics, quotes, phrases or hidden messages embroidered or imprinted on veils and dresses, and maybe even jackets.

Customized and inclusive menus

Couples are more personal and considerate in choosing the food they’re serving for their reception. They are making sure to note the specific needs of guests, whether they are vegetarian, vegan, or allergic to gluten or whatever type of food. They’re also including non-alcoholic mixes in their drinks list. Expect to see a rise in customized menus or maybe even full vegetarian or vegan spreads.

Bold and vibrant color palettes and patterns

Pops of color, vibrant patterns and prints will continue to make their way into wedding elements. Couples love to brighten up their wedding themes or aesthetics by incorporating strong colors in their clothes, stationery, flowers, linens, table pieces and other decors.

Micro weddings

Small weddings will be on the rise. Tiny or micro weddings are great for couples who are either on a budget, want a more intimate celebration with their loved ones, want a low-key and simple wedding or all of the above. Smaller and more intimate weddings give couples more options when it comes to their budget and venue and allows them to put more thought (and maybe money) into specific wedding elements like customized meals for each guest or signature wine. Those on a budget are able to choose less expensive and more personal spaces such as a favorite pub or cafe, a place that’s close to home and familiar to everyone.

Magic and mysticism

We expect to see more elements of spirituality, magic and mysticism in weddings and in the events leading up to the wedding. It can be in the form of energy-cleansing rituals for the venue or sound baths and meditation sessions with the couple or bridal party. Bridal showers or bachelorette parties will have wellness themes. Wedding elements and decors will include crystals, gems and spiritual symbols. Maybe receptions will have tarot and oracle card readings.

Bottomline is that the entire wedding celebration will have touches of spirituality and magic, from the pre-wedding events to the ceremony and the reception.

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