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F inding the right shoes is just as important as finding the right dress. The perfect wedding shoes not only complete your dream bridal look — they’re also a great way to show off your personality or your own unique style. To help you find the right ones that fit your theme as well as your style and taste, we’ve put together a few ideas to inspire you.

Classic pumps for an elegant, formal wedding

Keep it simple and traditional with classic pumps. There’s always something graceful and refined about classic pumps, so you can’t go wrong with going for such a style. Just make sure they’re comfortable and go well with your dress.

Black pumps or black stilettos for a contemporary wedding

Black pumps or stilettos are perfect for a wedding in the city. They are also a definite stand-out if you want to add a statement piece to your look. They’re chic and sophisticated and give off a very modern vibe. They’re also timeless so you can wear them again long after your wedding.

Embellished black booties for a rock and roll wedding

For a more rock and roll vibe, opt for black shoes with studs or embellishments. Maybe go for booties for a bit of an edgy and feminine flair.

Metallic or jewel-encrusted shoes for a glam wedding

Amp up the glam or princess factor with metallic or jewel-encrusted wedding shoes. A little glitz and sparkle on your shoes can round out your overall look nicely, whether you’re wearing a simple and elegant dress or a textured and glamorous number. If you’re considering jewels or studs on your shoes, just be careful about parts of your dress that may catch or snag on those embellishments.

Lace-adorned shoes for a rustic or vintage wedding theme

The nice thing about lace is that, aside from having that vintage feel, it can also be flirty and sexy or soft and feminine, depending on how it’s presented or styled. For a rustic or vintage wedding theme, find the best type of lacy shoes that will suit your personal taste and your dress.

Boots or booties for a rustic, vintage, country or barn wedding

Boots or booties are also great options for a rustic or vintage wedding, as well as a country or barn wedding. They’re versatile, comfortable and quite edgy in their own way. Cowboy boots are popular choices for brides who like to go for that rustic and down-to-earth charm.

Floral print shoes for a bohemian wedding or a garden wedding

Floral prints are not only gorgeous, but they are also a great way to make a statement or show off a different side of your personality. Bold, floral printed shoes go really well with a boho or garden wedding, but they can also add a pop of color to your look regardless of what your wedding theme may be. They’re just plain fun, don’t you agree?

Strappy sandals for a beach wedding

Sandals are perfect for beach weddings because they are sexy and dainty, but also comfortable and appropriate for the venue. Heels or stilettos will sink in the sand and make it hard for you to walk around, but sandals will make it easy for you to walk and dance on the beach.

Gladiator style sandals for a grecian wedding style

If you have a grecian dress or wedding theme, why not go all out with sexy gladiator style sandals? They’re also perfect for a summer wedding because not only are they flirty and feminine, they can also keep your feet fresh and comfortable in the heat.

Fancy boots for a winter wedding

A cute pair of snow boots will keep your feet warm and toasty during a winter wedding. Have them as a backup pair for those moments when you’ll be having photos taken outdoors in the snow or you can wear them the whole time. Wearing snow boots all the way will show your practical and carefree side.

Funky sneakers for a hipster, casual or whimsical wedding

Cool and comfy sneakers will definitely bring the hip factor to a casual or unconventional wedding. In fact, a lot of brides still opt for funky sneakers or trainers for their wedding even if it’s not an informal or whimsical affair. Sneakers are simply comfortable and fun.

Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to think about what you want for your own wedding. It doesn’t really matter what shoes you decide on as long as they make you comfortable, happy and excited about your big day.

And if you can’t really decide, you can always opt to design your own shoes to make sure they’re exactly what you want. Head on over to our shoe designer and start making your dream wedding shoes come true!

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