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T hink you only need to find one perfect wedding shoes for the ceremony? Think again.

The right shoes ensure you can put your best foot forward for all the crucial events around your wedding day too. Whether it’s the shoes that help you glow during your engagement photo shoot, or heels to dance the night away in at your reception, they all have a crucial role to play.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a single shoe is enough for every wedding event.

Take a look at these wedding shoes every bride needs from engagement through to the honeymoon.

Something Snazzy for Your Engagement Shoot

You’ve just said the most important “Yes” of your life and you’re overflowing with joy. The engagement shoot captures that moment of bliss between you and your partner before the hectic planning stage starts. It’s also an excellent chance to show off what makes your relationship unique.

During a photoshoot, you’ll want to feel ultra-confident and comfortable. Since these are the photos that you might be putting on your wedding websites and save-the-dates, make sure you’re going to feel stylish too. A matching color theme for you and your hubby-to-be could be a good pick.

These bold block heels give you all the extra stability you need to get creative with some special shots. The extra support also means that you won’t be left with aches and blisters if you’re spending the day running between different venues to find the perfect background.

Have Some Fun on Your Bachelorette Party

The bachelorette party is a great chance for you to let your hair down and enjoy the last few days (or weeks) of single life. You’ll be dancing the night away with your friends, playing hilarious games, and probably drinking way too much. You’re going to need the right shoe to get you through all those hijinks – and make sure you look amazing at the same time.

A great bachelorette shoe will ensure you can hold your own and come out of even the most embarrassing evening of fun with your head held high. These heels will give you a chance to strut your stuff and build some confidence for the big day.

The iconic color of the bachelorette party, these shoes will allow you to paint the town red (or pink) in style, while giving you the extra ankle support you need for those dancing sessions. Patent leather can also handle quite a few knocks and bumps if you end up a little unsteady on your feet.

Look Regal for the Rehearsal Dinner

This amazing night is a chance to unwind with friends and family – while ensuring that you’ve checked every box on your wedding day to-do list. As the blushing bride-to-be, you’re going to be the center of attention on this big day, which means that you’ve got plenty of reasons to sparkle.

Wow your guests with a fabulous look, and they’re sure to start buzzing over what your full outfit’s going to look like on the big day.

Don’t go for the same clothes and shoes you’d wear to any dinner. Choose a comfortable wedding shoe that marks the importance of the day. Beautiful bling makes a statement on a day when you’re allowed to be the center of attention. These glitzy heels with gem embellishments are sure to dazzle your guests.

Own the Aisle During the Ceremony

Your ceremony shoes is probably one of the most valuable shoe choices you’ll ever make. The ceremony is when all eyes are on you, so make these shoes count. A comfortable wedding shoe that gives you the confidence you need when walking down the aisle is a good choice.

Your shoes should add the finishing touches to your overall look, complimenting your jewelry, and making your dress look extra perfect.

Why stick to plain white? This is your opportunity to show off your unique personality and style, so take full advantage. These heels in a beautiful combination of metallic silver and white patent leather will help you own that all-important aisle walk. The embellished crystals will keep you sparkling as you say, “I do”.

Be a Dancefloor Diva at The Reception

Time to get your boogie on, share some drinks and celebrate your newlywed status. A fresh pair of heels can give you an extra glam look when you make your first strides onto the dance floor. Here, you’re going to need shoes that deliver extra balance, stability, and confidence for your first dance.

Choose something you’re going to feel comfortable spinning in, without detracting from your chosen style. A block heel will chase away that shaky feeling you’re bound to get when your guests are watching you dance with the love of your life for the first time as a married couple.

These bold block heels are ideal for the reception and dancing, and they’ll look fantastic in any wedding photos too. The silver sparkle and satin combination offers the perfect blend of timeless elegance so you don’t have to compromise on beauty for comfort.

Make the Night Last Forever at the After Party

Exhausted after hours of dancing, photo shoots, and running around to talk to every guest on your list? Every bride hits that moment – but you don’t have to let it get to you. Don’t let the best day of your life end too quickly because of exhausted feet. Add a pair of comfy kitten heels to your list of wedding shoes every bride needs.

During your after party, you’re going to be chatting with friends and loved ones, sharing memories, and soaking up the glow of a perfect day. With plenty of dancing and mingling left to do, make sure you’ve got a pair of shoes that can handle the pressure.

A comfy pair of low heels are the perfect choice for staying power. These rose gold woven glitter shoes maintain your ultra-elegant look, while caring for your feet. After all, fully flat shoes won’t give you the arch support your feet need to recover after a long day. These shoes will even look great when you’re kicking your feet up on the sofa!

Heat Things Up for The Honeymoon

The wedding day might be done, but your chance to stand out as the ultimate new bride has just begun. As you head off to your honeymoon, you’re going to need a selection of shoes for different events. Sandals will be ideal for casual walks along the beach or around the city with your new other half. For heel lovers, a block heel will give you more stability so you can venture off the beaten track from time to time and capture those perfect candid moments.

These ultra-cozy block heels are perfect for long walks and sightseeing, if you’d like something comfortable but stylish too. The extra bright colors mean that you can continue to make the ultimate impact on passers-by and ramp up your confidence for the perfect honeymoon.

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