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A wedding is already a very personal event for the people involved, but meaningful details that say something about the bride and groom make the occasion extra special and more memorable for everyone. We’ve put together 20 of our favorite ideas to inspire you.

Incorporate meaningful items into your attire

This can be something precious like a family heirloom or something fun to symbolize your favorite pastime, books or movies (think Harry Potter, Star Wars and the like). Have a jeweled family brooch added to your bouquet or Lego Star Wars characters glued to the groom’s boutonnieres. Wear something with a story or meaning behind it.

Honor traditions

Weddings can bring together two people of different cultures. Honor unique cultural traditions by incorporating them into the ceremony or reception. You may have to consult with your parents or wedding officiant to know how you can do this while remaining respectful of your culture’s traditions.

Use personalized or monogrammed hangers for you and your wedding party

Custom wooden hangers inscribed with the names of the bridal party and the date of your wedding will make getting ready even more fun and totally Instagram-able. Plus, your wedding party can bring them home as keepsakes.

Add a custom inscription to the sole of your wedding shoes

Commemorate your special day by imprinting the date, your names, a meaningful phrase or a special message to the sole of your shoes. Shoenvious allows you to customize your shoes online and add a personal inscription to make your wedding shoe even more unique and special.

Create custom shoe labels for your bridesmaids

If you’re having custom shoes made for your bridesmaids, why not add this cute little detail? The label can indicate your name, the wedding date or your secret girl group name - anything goes! Check out Shoenvious’ added services to see how you can make your girls’ shoes even more personal and significant.

Fill your wedding with music that you love

Music sets the tone for the occasion. Choose the song or track that plays when you walk down the aisle, when you exit after the ceremony, and when you come in for the reception. And of course, pick out the music for the dance party during your reception!

Include your pet in the celebration

Having your furry best buddies at your wedding not only shows how much you love them but also makes for fun photo-worthy moments. You can even dress them up for the occasion! Do check that your venue allows pets.

Create a unique sign-in for your guests

Let your guests leave their mark with a memorable guest book. It can be as simple as having them write down their messages in a book, on postcards or on custom note cards. You can make them sign and write on a poster. You can have them take Polaroids of themselves or you can set up an actual photo booth where they can have their photos printed and affixed on a guest book.

Have fun with the table numbers

Let your table numbers say something about you. It can be as easy as adding an item or trinket that represents your hobbies. You can use books, sports figurines, postcards or photos of your travels together. You can also use baby photos or include fun trivia about you and your partner.

Display family photos

Include a wall or table of family photos. It can be wedding photos of members of both of your families or just general family photos. You can also include a memorial to honor the family members who have passed.

Serve signature drinks

Set up self-serve stations of your signature drinks or include them in the drinks list. It can be your favorite drinks, drinks you’re most known for or mixes that you create just for the occasion. Give your signature mixes their own fun names.

Let your wedding cake represent you

Use your cake to showcase your personality. Order a cake that represents you, like maybe a stack of books if you’re both bookworms or a cake covered in green leafy decors if you’re into plants. You can also opt to use a unique cake topper instead. Top your wedding cake with something different like your initials, new last name, favorite animals or custom bride and groom figurines in superhero costumes.

Serve your favorite foods

Set up one or two stations where your guests can help themselves to your favorite food, whether during cocktail hour or even during your actual wedding reception. You can serve anything you like - tacos, sushi, pizza, burgers, popcorn, hot dogs, cheese and cold cuts, whatever you want. Instead of food stations, you can also hire your favorite food trucks to serve munchies during your reception or get them to drop by after for post-party snacks.

Feature your love story

Let everyone know about your love story. Create a fun wall or table display that people will see when they come in for the reception or include a short bit about it in your wedding program.

Prepare wedding games

Include fun games for the cocktail hour or reception. If your venue has enough space, you can do lawn games. If not, you can do table games like a bride and groom trivia game, a scavenger hunt or wedding bingo.

Do a dance routine with your bridesmaids and groomsmen

Surprise your guests with a special dance routine with your wedding party. It’s not a new thing but it always works and everyone is guaranteed to have fun!

Pick a hashtag for your wedding

It’s practically a must these days and makes posting on social media so much easier and so much more fun. You can even make a contest weeks before your wedding and get everyone to send their suggestions. Make sure to display the winning hashtag around your wedding venue so that your guests can tag their posts.

Celebrate where you’re from

Showcase your hometown or your roots by incorporating it into your wedding. Maybe you can add your hometown’s signature dish in the menu or include a unique treat or item in your wedding favors.

Create a fun backdrop for selfies

Give your guests a unique backdrop for their photos. It can be a collage of your photos through the years, a large print with your initials or a cute wedding banner.

Give back to a cause close to your heart

In lieu of wedding favors, donate to your favorite cause, be it an animal shelter, charity or non-profit organization. You can let your guests know by mentioning it in your program, adding a note on each table or on the placecards, or by putting a sign somewhere easily seen by your guests.

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