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W eddings are incredibly special events and planning one can be stressful and overwhelming. There are so many big things to tick off your list but most of the time, it’s the small details that can make a lasting impression. So we’ve rounded up some of our favorite fun ideas to help you make your wedding shine.

Write handwritten notes on the place cards

Guests will appreciate the time you took to personally write something addressed to them. It doesn’t have to be a long note. A short message can go a long way.

Make a stylish exit

Whether it’s for the recessional after the ceremony or your exit after the reception, make it lively and unforgettable with petals, confetti, bubbles, ribbon wands or sparklers. Have someone distribute these props a few minutes ahead to make your exit one of a kind.

Have a stand-out guest book

Sometimes guest books just get stored away after the event. Ensure that yours won’t be with a guest book that you can put on display in your home. Find a coffee table book that you like and have guests sign on the pages. After the wedding, it can still serve its purpose as a coffee table book and can even be a great conversation starter during dinner parties.

Ask for marriage tips or date ideas

Have your guests write down tips and date ideas then drop them in a jar or fish bowl. Use colorful pieces of paper, notecards or even popsicles. After the wedding you can keep that jar somewhere close so it’s easy to fish out ideas and tips when you need them.

Hang cool signages

Create customized signages that have elements of your wedding style or theme. Direct your guests to where things are by putting up signs for the cocktail area, the bar, buffet, photo booth, even the restrooms.

Welcome your guests with shots

Get the party started with welcome shots for your guests. Set up a separate table that’s easy to spot when they walk into the reception or leave the shots with the place cards at their assigned tables. If you have the budget, use customized shot glasses that can also serve as your wedding favors.

Display your favorite songs around the reception

Showcase your love for music by writing or printing the title of your favorite songs on cards and placing them on every table. Hang them on the side or add them as part of the centerpiece. Choose songs for your food and drink stations as well — say, a sweet song for your dessert table and a party song for the bar.

Customize your wedding shoe with a special inscription

Memorialize your big day by having something special inscribed on the sole of your wedding shoe. It can be your names, initials, the date of your wedding, a meaningful quote or a line from your favorite love song. A personal inscription can make your wedding shoe even more special and unique to you.

Say Thank You with a big sign

You’ll most probably have the chance to thank your guests personally during the reception or through your wedding favors, but you can still show just how much you appreciate their presence by displaying a Thank You poster or banner. Hang it up where your guests can easily see it.

Set up a candy buffet

Indulge the sweet tooths with an enticing candy buffet. It can be a part of the dessert table or a separate station. Include small baggies or cute reusable containers so your guests can take home some candy after the wedding.

Think of the children

If your wedding is kid-friendly, make sure the kids’ table is set up with fun activities to keep the kids engaged. Give them markers, crayons, paper and coloring sheets. You can also get some of the kids to participate in the ceremony or program. Assign one to read something during the ceremony or make announcements during the reception.

Spice things up with a photo contest

Get everyone to vie for best or wackiest photo with you, the newlyweds. You can do it per table or make it a free-for-all. Set limits and a time period for the contest so you can choose the winner before your reception ends. Don’t forget to reward the winners with actual prizes (maybe chocolates or GC’s) or just bragging rights for having the best selfie game.

Set up emergency toiletries in the bathrooms

Leave a basket of amenities in the ladies’ and men’s bathrooms. Fill the basket with mouthwash, dental floss, lotion, band aids, stain remover, bobby pins, safety pins, over-the-counter meds, and whatever else you can think of. Your guests will feel taken care of and you’ll never know if you yourself will need something from that basket at one point during the day.

Provide comfy flip flops

Flip flops can be a welcome relief after dancing all night. Get some cheap ones and set them up near the dance floor or hand them out personally to partying folks.

Re-energize your guests with late night snacks

All that dancing and partying can make anyone hungry. Surprise your guests with late night munchies. Prepare cookie packs or simply order pizza or burgers and fries from your favorite place.

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