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N ext to the dress, your shoes are probably the most important thing about your wedding attire. After all, you’ll be wearing them all day and partying in them all night. Pinched toes, sore feet and blisters are the last things you want during your big day.

Sometimes brides sacrifice comfort over style, but you can have both with careful planning and a few helpful tips. Here are some useful tips:

Consider your wedding venue

Think about where you’re getting married and choose shoes that are appropriate. Strappy and comfy flat sandals are the way to go for beach weddings. It’s the same with garden weddings — flats or wedges may also be better to avoid heels sinking into the ground. If your venue is indoors, then heels are fine, but take measures to make sure they won’t slip on the floors.

Buy your shoes early

Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to break your new shoes in and test them before the wedding. Wear them around the house and walk around in them. You may also want to try dancing around in them so you know how they feel with constant movement. If your venue has stairs, practice going up and down a few steps. If they don’t turn out to be as comfortable as you would like, you’ll still have time to do some quick fixes or maybe find another pair.

Shop for your shoes in the afternoon or evening

When shopping for any kind of shoes, always remember to do it in the afternoon or evening because feet tend to expand from use during the day. Make sure to fit the shoes on both feet and walk around in them at the store to know how they feel on your feet.

Invest in quality shoes

Premium shoes are well-constructed and made with high quality materials that adapt to your feet after some time. That is why they tend to fit better and are more comfortable. Good quality shoes are also more stable and offer more support for your feet. If there’s one occasion to invest in a good shoe, this is it!

Choose a style you’re comfortable with

If you’ve never been a stiletto girl, don’t force yourself to learn how to walk in 4-inch heels for your wedding. Your wedding is not the time to experiment with a shoe height that you normally don’t wear. If you’re more of a flats or sneakers gal, then go for the same or try a lower heel that’s more stable and more comfortable for you.

Make adjustments if necessary

Do what you must to make your shoes more comfortable. If there’s enough time, you can have the insides or straps lined with soft fabric. You may also use cushioned soles or apply gel inserts to make the shoes more comfortable. Prevent chafing and blisters by using a friction block stick or anti blister balm. If the shoes are slippery, apply non-slip pads on the bottom soles or rub the soles with sandpaper to give them a rougher surface.

Avoid wearing heels before your wedding

You might have to hold off on wearing other heels or breaking in new shoes that are not for your wedding a few days before the big day. You want to avoid getting new sore spots around your feet. You want your feet to be in its best condition on your big day.

Go for shoes that make you happy

Choose a style you love. Pick a pair that makes you feel special on your wedding day. You should be able to wear wedding shoes that make you feel happy and proud. Chances are they are shoes that are close to your usual style. Don’t be afraid to go for a wedding shoe that makes you feel like yourself.

Design your own wedding shoes

Why not go for bespoke wedding shoes to ensure that the fit and style are customized to you? Think about your usual personal style. If you’re used to wearing stilettos, then go for them. If you’re used to flats or sneakers, you might want to go for a lower heel.

Have a backup or second pair

You may opt for thin stilettos for the ceremony and change to block heels or flats at the reception. Find styles that match the same dress – or another!

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