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T here are people in your life that are easy to shop for: friends and family members who have tons of hobbies that you can pick from for inspiration, or the people who actually tell you what they want.

You might have a work friend who always loves getting socks, or a niece that’s a huge fan of scented candles.

Unfortunately, these easy-to-buy-for people are usually few and far between. The majority of the names on your gift list are going to be a lot tougher.

You know the type – the ones who are almost never impressed by anything you buy. They give you a smile and say “thanks”, but every year your heart drops when you once again fail to deliver that wow factor.

Since buying gifts can be enough of the headache without the extra stress – let’s keep things simple. Here are the top gift ideas for shoe lovers who are usually hard to please.

What to Gift the Mom Who’s Always Been There

Mothers are a force of nature – and some of the strongest people in our lives. They manage to juggle being your best friend, your mentor, and your caretaker every day.

Your mom has given you everything over the years, from her time and commitment to her unrelenting guidance and support during those oh-so-difficult moments. It only makes sense that you gift her something extra special in return: handmade shoes.

These stylish shoes will keep your mom feeling fierce as she continues to take the world by storm – knocking out every problem that comes her way. The comfortable design ensures that your superhero mom will feel confident and well-supported when she’s out and about. The bold contrast finish means she doesn’t have to compromise on style.

What to Gift the Sister Who’s Always Stealing Your Shoes

Sisters can be a pain in the neck. Throughout your life they’re constantly stealing your clothes and breaking your things. But you’ll never have another friend in your life quite like your sister. They understand you like no-one else, and they’re there for you through all the tough times – offering their unwavering support and love.

It’s time to give something back to your sis. These kitten heels are the perfect choice if you’re looking for gifts to impress a very important lady. The low heel means that you don’t have to worry about choosing a shoe that’s too tough for her to walk in.

The contrasting colors are great for showing your sister that you respect her unique style and want to help her stand out wherever she goes. An ultra-modern look also makes these shoes perfect for younger sisters still finding their look.

What to Gift the Best Friend You’ve Known Forever

You’ve known this girl your whole life – and you know you’re going to be together until the end. Your best friend is the person you turn to when everything else goes wrong. They’ll never judge you for bad decisions or shut you out of their life. Even if you argue, you’ll always make it back to each other in the end.

Why not add a touch of nostalgia to your best gal’s present and choose a pair of heels with a cool retro vibe? These could be the perfect throwback to the time you spend together as kids, and they’ll look amazing with a wide variety of outfits.

Block heels will help your friend to maintain her balance when she’s out on the town. They’re also a great symbol of the stability of your friendship.

What to Gift Your Ass-Kicking Work Wife

We all have those coworkers that we’re particularly close with. We chat to them every day and feel better when we see them standing by the coffee machine. As you spend a lot more time in the office, chances are that you speak to this woman more than anyone else on your daily schedule – so you should know them pretty well.

If you couldn’t have gotten through the year without your work wife having your back, then they deserve a pretty impressive gift. These block heels will give your work buddy the confidence they need to strut their stuff whether they’re in the office or out.

A combination of soft velvet and glittery black straps make these shoes ideal for any occasion – morning or night, office to drinks. Black shoes are also a safe choice if you’re not sure what kind of colors your work wife likes to wear outside of the office.

What to Gift Your Sassy Teenage Niece

Still need gifts for a niece that is hard-to-please? Your niece can be one of the toughest people to pick a present for. Chances are you’ve watched her grow from a baby all the way through to her teenage years. While it’s tempting to still look at this lady as a chubby tot – you can make yourself the ultimate cool aunt or uncle by picking the right gift.

A trendy pair of shoes that look modern and sleek are sure to vibe right with your niece. These patent white and red block heels look awesome for those nights out with friends. The block heel will also help your niece to keep her balance if she’s not totally confident with heels yet.

Want to take the gift even further? Add a little black dress or a red number to the present for a complete outfit look.

What to Gift the Female Boss Who’s an Inspiration

Your kick-ass female boss has worked hard to break through glass ceilings and get the same attention as the men in her industry. Don’t make the mistake of giving your lady boss the same old-fashioned gift you would give a guy.

Here’s your chance to show her how much she’s inspired you through the years with her words and guidance. You can let her know that you’ve seen the work she’s put in and that you respect her ability to stand on the top of the corporate ladder.

These funky color block heels are perfect for the confident boss who’s ready to tackle any challenge that comes her way.

What to Gift the Mother-in-Law You Just Can’t Figure Out

One minute she’s pestering you about grandkids, the next you haven’t heard from her in a month. Mother-in-laws can be difficult to figure out. When you’re together, you might struggle to come up with conversation starters that would give you hints into the kind of presents she might like.

When it comes to gifts for women who are hard to please, the mother-in-law is sure to be on the top of the list. Sticking with a classic style for your shoe of choice, like these golden textured flats is sure to help you avoid any embarrassment.

Flat shoes also sidestep any arguments from mother’s in law who love getting down and dirty with their grandkids. These shoes are sure to be a great bet. They may be flats but they’re not flat on style. Plus, this mother-in-law present might just get you in her good graces (finally).

Still stuck? Try Gift Cards

If all else fails, why not give the woman in your life the experience of designing their own perfect shoe.

Forget the stress of choosing styles and colors they might not love. With a gift card from Shoenvious, she can design her own hand-made shoes, completely made to order with the highest quality of materials. There are options to personalize the shoes too, with added sparkles, and even custom inscriptions.

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